Kent Cemetery
Holds Historic Secrets

Kent Cemetery Holds Secret introach day thousands of motorists drive by one of Portage County's oldest landmarks. They pay little attcntion and hardly give this pioneer shrine a passing glance. We're referring to the Stow Street Cemetery in Kent located close to the city's downtown along the banks of the Cuyahoga River and adjacent to Fred Fuller Park.

Motorists who travel Haymaker Parkway may not be aware of this hallowed burial Haymaker Pioneer Cemetery along the Cuyahoga River in downtown Kentground which is 189 years old and one of the oldest in Portage County. It is appropriate that Haymaker Parkway built in 1975 should be located in such close proximity to the cemetery. The cemetery was created by Kent's founding Haymaker family and the first burial that of Eve Haymaker – was made there in the fall of 1810.

This dedication stone is directly inside the gate

When Eve Haymaker died on October 11, 1810 the Haymaker family set out a two-acre plot along the banks of the Cuyahoga tor use as a family burial ground. A year later, the family deeded the property to the Franklin Township trustees to serve as a community cemetery and for 48 years it was the community's only burial ground, serving until Standing Rock Cemetery was opened in 1859.

Stow Street Cemelery has not been in general use for more than 130 years but it remains a public cemetery under thc jurisdiction of the communily's Cemetery Board of Trustees, a body that includes a city councilman, a Franklin Township trustee and one member appointed from the community-at-large. This board is responsible for maintenance of the Stow Street Cemetery as well as the upkeep of Standing Rock Cemetery and Green Cemetery on Hudson Road.


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