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Kent OH nuts about black squirrelsKent Ohio's Black Squirrelshere is a Black Squirrel Adventure Triathlon, Black Squirrel Festival, Black Squirrel Music, Black Squirrel Gallery, Black Squirrel Radio, Black Squirrel Woodworking, Black Squirrel Books, Black Squirrel Brewing
…even the Kent State campus police have adopted the black squirrel as a safety symbol. The list goes on and on!

It started fifty years ago, February 1961. That’s when Larry Woodell, superintendent of grounds at Kent State University,
and M. W. Staples, a retired executive of the Davey Tree Expert Co. imported ten black squirrels from Ontario, Canada. A second trip was made in March to obtain more squirrels. Both men worked with the Canadian Wildlife Service and American and Canadian Customs for over six months to gain permission to move the squirrels.

By 1964, the Kent Record-Courier observed that there were up to 150 squirrels in the area. No similar concentrations existed in the central and eastern parts of Ohio prior to 1961. Today they own the campus. In addition to Kent, black squirrel sightings have been reported throughout northeast Ohio in places such as: Warren, Cleveland, Barberton, Akron, and Canton.

acorn in Kent OH

Black Squirrels number only 1 in 10,000 squirrels found throughout North America. With odds like that, it makes black squirrels rare; when something is rare, people associate it with LUCK—one could conclude it’s very lucky to live in Kent, Ohio.


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