Kent Ohio’s Dam Facts: 

Kent's Dam Facts Introhe Kent Dam and Waterfall are
a part of the Kent Industrial National Register District, an area protected
by the National Register of Historic Places.
The district follows the course of the river from
the Main Street bridge to Stow Street.

Kent's Arched Dam and Canal Lock

  The current dam was built in 1836 in
conjunction with the P. & O. Canal and is
of great historic significance in the canal
history of Ohio.

    The Kent dam is the 19th oldest
masonry dam in the United States; the
oldest masonry dam in the State of Ohio.

    The Kent Dam is the oldest stone
masonry dam west of New York State.

    The Kent dam is the second oldest
arched dam in the United States and is the
only stone or masonry arched dam in the
country that is attached to a canal lock.

    Flood of 1913
    Late Wednesday, the river began to recede and by Thursday all danger was past, but Kent’s dam was seriously damaged.

    Kent Flood 1913

    Though several efforts to repair the dam were made during the next decade, nothing was done until August, 1924, when a successful movement was launched to repair the dam under the administration of Mayor Roy H. Smith. Mayor Smith stated that the Lamson-Sessions Company would pay $500 towards repair costs. The dam no longer had any commercial use, Smith said, but should be restored as a civic enterprise. The people of Kent subscribed $5,855 toward the project, which was completed by November 1.

    Kent's Broken Canal Lock

       The giant stones that comprise our dam were hand-chiseled from stone on the west side of the river. Bissler Furniture was later constructed directly on the remnants of this quarry. The store was the first retail endeavor
    on the river’s west side.

    source: Kent Visitors Guide, 2000


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