Frank Woodard of historic Kent OhioStanding Rock’s Crypt Keeper

Standing Rock Cemetery’s Crypt Keeper in historic Kent Ohio introoday Frank Woodard sleeps peacefully in Standing Rock Cemetery, that beautiful city of the dead over which for twenty-two years he presided, as the cemetery’s sexton. Under Mr. Woodards upkeep, Standing Rock became recognized as one of the most beautiful burial spots in Ohio. Frank became the cemetery’s second sexton in 1882. John Davey bears the honors of being the cemetery’s first. Mr Woodard held the position until his unexpected death in 1904.

    In 1898 Mr. Woodard and his son, Lou, took up the work of making a complete record of the lots and the persons buried therein. No record or plot had ever been provided before. Woodard knew the owner of every lot. His records included every burial since he had taken charge and had learned much in regard to previous burials. His diligance could today prove of great value, inasmuch as it could not be obtained from any other source.

Newton Hall headstone in Kent Ohio’s Standing Rock CemeteryQuaint and Quirky tidbit:
    Newton H. Hall of Brimfield, Ohio distinguished himself by capturing two Confederate flags on the 30th of November, belonging to Maj. Gen. Patrick Clayburn’s division. In recognition of his bravery he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor –
our nation’s highest medal for valor. His headstone, also in Standing Rock Cemetery, is honored with a commemorative star-shaped marker, and bears the name of Mrs. N. Hall…Stella Woodard, who was one of Frank Woodard’s sisters.

Quaint and Quirky firsts:
James Woodard fist white child born in Ravenna    Frank Woodard’s father, James, was the first white child born in Ravenna. He also served as the sheriff of Portage County and as mayor and justice in Kent.

Frank Woodard Kent Ohio’s fist milkman    Frank Woodard was also Kent’s first milkman. Every morning Frank would blow his bugle as he left the farm, to let his customers know that he was coming. The milk was ladeled out of large milk cans at each stop.
If they were not ready when he arrived, they got no milk that day.


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